MultiVersus Agent Smith Guide: Costumes, Perks, & Moves (2024)

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One of the new characters arriving in Multiversus is Agent Smith, the rogue AI program from The Matrix series equipped with powerful moves and perks to use in battle. Multiple costumes for this iconic movie villain allow you to delete even the most rebellious foes in style. The perfected programming of this character may be tricky for novice agents to use unless they learn to manipulate simulations to their favor.

New characters from both Season 1 and Season 2 can be unlocked when you get Fighter Currency in Multiversus. However, Agent Smith can only be earned by completing Rift events introduced with the re-launch of the game. Defeating six of the Rift bosses within this event before July 30th will not only get you Agent Smith but also enough Fighter Currency to unlock three additional characters.


To collect Rift Cauldrons in MultiVersus, enter Rifts and complete the Rift Cauldron objective, by succeeding in challenges and winning stars.

All Agent Smith Moves

Delete Foes With Managed Firepower

Agent Smith comes equipped with attacks and special moves based on directional inputs, like any other character in Multiversus. For example, holding up on your controller and pressing the basic attack input will perform a unique move compared to if you never held a direction. Characters also have moves that are different when performed in the air instead of how they act when you activate them on the ground.

Similar to other characters like Morty in Multiversus, Agent Smith is classified as a "Brawler" archetype, meaning that their moves focus on dealing high amounts of damage at various ranges.

The Passive Trait of Agent Smith is that the character always has access to three bullets in their gun at the start of a fight. You can extend the attacking properties of various moves by shooting bullets, causing attacks to deal more damage or sending opponents further away. When you run out of bullets, they slowly recharge when you land attacks without your gun or passively over a short time.

Basic Attack



Neutral Attack

Agent Smith reaches out to grab their opponent before placing a mechanical creature on them. The creature whips and damages the opponent while causing them to be Silenced, preventing them from using moves with cooldowns. This attack becomes a simple headbutt while on cooldown.

Same as Ground.

Side Attack

Agent Smith unleashes a flurry of quick strikes, starting with a backhand into a series of several punches. This combo ends with Agent Smith grabbing his opponent and punching them away in a horizontal direction you choose.

Agent Smith performs a quick karate chop in a horizontal direction to knock the opponent back.

Up Attack

Agent Smith performs a devastating uppercut. This attack can be charged to deal additional damage and knockback.

Same as Ground.

Down Attack

Agent Smith slams his fist into the ground, creating a shockwave that damages opponents. Charging this attack causes it to gain Armor while dealing more damage and knockback.

Agent Smith uses a double foot stomp to knock opponents downward, causing a Meteor effect that may K.O. opponents off-stage.

Running Attack

Agent Smith slides across the ground, performing a basic kick. Pressing the attack button after this move lands will result in Agent Smith firing his gun for follow-up attacks.


Special Move



Neutral Special

Agent Smith fires his gun a number of times determined by how many bullets he has. You can change the direction of this attack to be slightly down or up by holding a direction after activating this move.

Same as Ground

Side Special

Agent Smith dives forward, shooting his gun in whatever direction he leaps toward to hit a target from short to mid-range.

Same as Ground

Up Special

Agent Smith turns into pure code, teleporting to whichever location you choose within range. You can control where Agent Smith appears by holding the special move input and moving the cursor before Smith teleports. When Agent Smith appears, he creates a small shockwave around himself that deals damage.

Same as Ground.

Down Special

Agent Smith summons a clone of himself that rushes forward to grab an opponent. When the clone grabs someone, they throw them back toward the original Agent Smith. Charge this move to increase the distance the clone travels.

Agent Smith points his gun down before performing a backflip while firing his gun. You can shoot a number of times based on Smith's bullet count.

As you can see in the above video by Gaming Fight Club, some of Agent Smith's move properties change when you are playing with an ally in the 2v2 mode. The Down Special can give a friendly fighter a buff that allows them to send out an Agent Smith clone on their own, giving them extra combo potential if used correctly. While Agent Smith's Down Special is on cooldown, you can use this buff to teleport to your ally as well.

All Agent Smith Perks

Learn Effects From Signature Perks

MultiVersus Agent Smith Guide: Costumes, Perks, & Moves (2)

Leveling up with any of the best characters in Multiversus will allow you to unlockSignature Perks through character Mastery. In addition to the bonuses provided by Offense, Defense, and Utility Perks, Signature Perks provide character-specific passive buffs that change aspects of their gameplay. Three Signature Perks are available for you to earn with Agent Smith, whose abilities include:

Signature Perk

How To Unlock



Reach Mastery Level 8 with Agent Smith.

All of Agent Smith's moves and attacks that use his gun now only fire one bullet at a time. This conserves his bullets and causes the single shot to deal more damage and knockback to opponents.


Reach Mastery Level 10 with Agent Smith.

Agent Smith's clone from his Down Special will hold enemies in place instead of throwing them. Opponents can try to Struggle to escape, but this is more difficult if they have a higher percentage of damage.


Reach Mastery Level 12 with Agent Smith.

When playing with an ally in 2v2, Agent Smith can teleport to a friendly fighter with his Up Special before using it again immediately without cooldown. The follow-up teleport has a much larger range and a bigger shockwave of damage when Agent Smith reappears.

Although the Buddy_System Signature Perk only really applies to 2v2 battles, the other buffs you can unlock at earlier Mastery Levels can help you in more situations. Hand_Cannon can be used by players who want to deal more damage against their opponents. On the other hand, Freeze_Protocol could work wonders for those looking to set up the Silenced status effect from Agent Smith's Neutral Attack for a more calculated game plan.

Agent Smith Combat Tips & Strategies

Interrupt And Overwhelm Your Opponent

MultiVersus Agent Smith Guide: Costumes, Perks, & Moves (3)

Agent Smith's core strategy should always be to conserve bullets for the right time and apply the Silenced condition whenever you can. Agent Smith's Neutral Attack can often limit your opponent's options by preventing them from using cooldown moves. You should be looking for opportunities to land this powerful attack and inflict the Silenced status against characters who rely on these kinds of attacks.

The nature of Agent Smith's passive ability means that you want to spend bullets when they have the best chance to K.O. your opponent. Wasting bullets will put you at a disadvantage, especially against characters with strong defenses like Wonder Woman in Multiversus. Enemies whose protective armor can't be broken without bullets will be nearly impossible to take down if you waste your shots early.

Those who equip the Hand_Cannon Signature Perk can automatically conserve Agent Smith's ammo by forcing all special moves and attacks to only fire one additional shot at a time.

As a "Bruiser," Agent Smith fights best at mid to close range, so you'll want to close the distance on your opponents during a fight. Using Agent Smith's Down Special clone to grab and throw an opponent back toward you can be a great way of forcing your best situation in a match. Try to follow up a clone's throw of your opponent with a quick combo, such as the Neutral Special or Side Attack moves of Agent Smith.


All MultiVersus Character Classes (And What They Mean)

MultiVersus introduces five distinct character classes to choose from, ranging from Tanks to Mages, giving players multiple play styles to explore.

The gun attacks in your arsenal can also interrupt opponents trying to perform various moves, letting you set the pace of a fight. Using fast shots at the right time, like those from the Dashing Attack or Side Special, can knock your opponent back without warning. As Agent Smith recovers faster, you can press your advantage and force an opponent to make crucial mistakes that could set up your victory.

All Agent Smith Costumes

Only Bring Your Best Suit

MultiVersus Agent Smith Guide: Costumes, Perks, & Moves (5)

As of this time of writing, Agent Smith only has one costume in Multiversus that you unlock once you earn the character. No variant looks for Agent Smith exist yet, but there are likely to be multiple aesthetic changes to the character at some point down the line. Season 2 of the game, various events, or other announcements may include an additional costume or two for Agent Smith for those looking for visual variety.

Depending on the costumes that come out, you will have to spend Gleamium to unlock any of Agent Smith's future looks. Epic and Legendary costumes can cost up from 500 Gleamium to 1,500, so start farming the premium currency early if you want new costumes as they come out. Prestige Points can also be earned to spend in the Prestige Shop on visual changes, giving you another path instead of spending real-world money on Gleamium.

Keep in mind that no costume in the game will change how a character plays, as only Perks can alter moves or abilities. Those who wait long enough for a costume can use their time to study Agent Smith's moves and perks more in Multiversus to dominate matches as the ultimate evolution in technology.

Source: Gaming Fight Club/YouTube

MultiVersus Agent Smith Guide: Costumes, Perks, & Moves (6)
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MultiVersus Agent Smith Guide: Costumes, Perks, & Moves (2024)
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