Pines Library Account Login (2024)

1. My Library Account - PINES

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  • Copyright © 2006-2024 Georgia Public Library Service, and others This Web site and other Georgia Public Library Service programs are partially assisted with funds from the Library Services and Technology Act through the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

2. Welcome to PINES | PINES - Georgia Public Library Service

  • Download the PINES App · About PINES · Library Locator · PINES Staff Resources

3. circ:accounts:my_account [PINES Documentation]

  • 29 mrt 2024 · Access to the personal patron record is available only through the PINES library card number and password or personal identification number (PIN) ...

  • Book Creator

4. PINES - PINES LIBRARY NETWORK - Live Oak Public Libraries

  • 10 jan 2023 · PINES offers equity in access to information through its shared collection of 11 million library materials that anyone with a PINES card can ...

  • PINES Library Network About the Collection

5. GALILEO SUPPORT | About GALILEO - University System of Georgia

  • 7 feb 2022 · This video shows how to login to GALILEO resources listed on your library's web page using your PINES login. This video shows how to find your ...

  • GALILEO empowers, connects and improves the lives of Georgia residents as the state’s virtual gateway to credible, authoritative library resources.

GALILEO SUPPORT | About GALILEO - University System of Georgia

6. Frequently Asked Questions - Northwest Georgia Regional ...


  • Click here to visit the PINES digital card registration page! Access the ... Click "My Account" in the upper right to login. about PINES. Click here to visit the ...

  • PINES app

8. Georgia Public Library Resources - Research Guides - Emory University

  • 13 mei 2024 · Got your library card? Log in to your library account through the GALILEO Discover tool below to search databases on medicine, psychology, ...

  • This guide was developed for the CAPACITY program through Emory University's School of Nursing.

9. Flint River Regional Library

  • PINES Catalog and Account Login. Click Here. Apply ... You can also apply for a PINES e-card online! Click ... PINES library to complete the registration process.

  • Click Here

Flint River Regional Library

10. Southern Pines Public Library

11. Hall County Library

  • Apply for a PINES Library Card Online! learn more ... My Account. Learn More. Library Card. Learn More. New ... , the Government Website Experts • Login. Close

  • Copy and paste this code into your website.

Hall County Library

12. The Pines Library - Whitehorse Manningham Libraries

  • Venue Snapshot · Features · Contact · Hours · Acknowledgement of country · Contact us · Quick Links · Share & Connect · Proudly owned by.

  • Cnr Reynolds & Blackburn Roads East Doncaster Vic 3109 Phone: 9877 8550

The Pines Library - Whitehorse Manningham Libraries

13. PLAY Library Card | Children's Books, Young Adult Books | WGRLS

  • The PLAY (PINES Library Access for Youth) Card is a digital library card that offers students at partnering schools free access to public library materials ...

  • PLAY, Public Library Access for Youth, is a digital library card program in GA public schools to give students access to public library books & resources.

PLAY Library Card | Children's Books, Young Adult Books | WGRLS

14. Public Library PLAY Card - Clarke County School District

  • PLAY Card accounts will use CCSD student ID numbers as the library card number - one less login to remember! ... PINES library card at any time. To do so, please ...

  • Please contact the Media Specialist at your child's school or the Athens-Clarke County Libraries at 706-613-3650.

15. Use Your Library Card - Live Oak Public Libraries

  • 28 sep 2023 · ... libraries, including 11 million items from PINES library network partners across Georgia. ... Account Login. Go to

  • Library Card Policies

16. Public Library | Southern Pines, NC - Official Website

  • Create a Website Account - Manage notification subscriptions, save form progress and more. Website Sign In. Menu. Our Community · Your Government ...

  • Discover the variety of resources, services, and programs available to you at the Library.

17. Teaching and Learning / PINES PLAY Card

  • To log in type “RCSS” in all CAPS and your RCSS 3000 student ID number. Example: RCSS300123456 as your library card number to log in to any of the online ...

  • PINES PLAY Card The PINES Library Access for Youth (PLAY) Card is brought to you through a collaboration between the Richmond County School System (RCSS), Georgia Library PINES (Public Information Network for Electronic Services), and the Augusta Richmond County Public Library System (ARCPLS).  RCSS students will receive a free digital library card that offers access to public library materials and online resources to support their educational success. RCSS student ID numbers will now act as library card numbers for the ARCPLS! The public library provides free access to books and online resources, as well as other fun resources that help develop a lifelong love of reading. What Are the Benefits of Having a Free PLAY Card? Year-round and after-school access to books and eBooks. No late fines are assessed. Fees are only assessed for lost, long overdue (more than 90 days), or damaged items. Access to over 11 million books and other materials from ARCPLS and over 300 Georgia PINES libraries. Check out free downloadable ebooks, audiobooks, and more with eRead Kids and Libby. Access to more digital resources is provided by your local library, such as language learning through Mango Languages and practice tests for the SAT/ACT and ASVAB. How the PLAY Card Works Visit the ARCPLS PINES Digital Library Website and log in to set up and use your PINES PLAY digital library card.  To log in type “RCSS” in all CAPS and your RCSS 3000 student ID numbe...

18. Login/Join - Whitehorse Manningham Libraries

  • The Pines Library · Vermont South Library ... Login to library account to check due dates ... Click here to reset. Need a library card? Join online or in person ...

  • Joining is free and can be done online or in-branch. Borrow up to 70 items for three weeks, with automatic extensions on loans. For more details on borrowing visit ourFAQ page here. Already a member?Login to library account to check due dates, renew loans, place a reservation...

Login/Join - Whitehorse Manningham Libraries

19. Borrow/Renew Materials - Clayton County Library System

  • Borrowing Materials Patrons with PINES library card accounts in good standing are eligible to check-out books, movies, and other items.

  • Borrowing Materials

Borrow/Renew Materials - Clayton County Library System

20. Ocean Pines | Worcester County Library

  • Account Login · Book Club Kits · Inter-Library Loan ... Apply for a Library Card · Accessibility and ... Ocean Pines. Visit. All Locations · Berlin · Ocean City ...

  • © 2024 Worcester County Library. All rights reserved.

Pines Library Account Login (2024)
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