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Everything You Need to Know—In One Place!


The 2024 Old Farmer’s Almanac contains everything you need to know about the world around you—from the soil below to the sky above! Here’s a list of helpful tools and resources that you can find on ourwebsite.


Check out our famous long-range forecasts or learn some of the secrets behind our predicting methods.

  • Long-Range Forecasts: See weather predictions for the current month and the next month for the U.S. and Canadianregions.
  • 5-Day Forecasts: Wondering how the weather will be this week? Check out our short-range forecast to see current weather conditions and predictions for the next fivedays.
  • Weather History: How much did it rain on June 20, 1971, in Seattle? Consult our Weather History tool to find out what sort of weather conditions occurred on a specific date in a specificplace.
  • How We Predict the Weather: Learnsome of the secrets behind how The Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts the weather. (Hint: we don’t use wooly worms!)


On, we have an entire suite of astronomy tools that you can customize to your location—no back-of-a-napkin math necessary!


  • Moon Glossary: Lunar Terms and Definitions

  • Night Sky for May 2024: Planets, Stars, and the Moon

  • Night Sky for January 2024: Planets, Stars, and the Moon

  • : See when the Sun will rise and set in your location, in addition to other relevant information such as the length of the day and timing oftwilight.
  • : Find out what time the Moon rises and sets today, where in the sky it rises, its percent illumination, andmore.
  • Next Full Moon: When is the next full Moon? This tool lists the dates of upcoming full Moons, as well as information about each month’s Moon’s traditionalnames.
  • Moon Phase Calendar: Learn when the Moon will be in its new, first quarter, full, and last quarter phases during each month of the year, and see the percent illumination of the Moon on eachday.
  • Visible Planets: Which planets are visible tonight? This tool liststhe daily rise and set times of the planets in our solar system, including where in the sky they will be visible and their percentillumination.
  • Bright Stars: What is that bright star in the sky tonight? Our Bright Stars Calculator tells you all about the visible stars in the night sky—tonight or a date in the future—all customized to the location that youselect!
  • Eclipse Dates: Don’t miss the next eclipse! On this page, you’ll find information about upcoming lunar and solar eclipses, including what parts of the world they are visiblefrom.
  • Meteor Shower Calendar: Find out when the next meteor shower will be and get our top viewingtips!
  • Equinoxes and Solstices: Each season begins with either an equinox or a solstice. See when each season begins and learn more about these specialdates.
  • Monthly Sky Maps: Discover constellations, notable stars, and other sightsthat are visible in the night sky eachmonth.
  • NOAA Tide Charts: See the timing of today’s low and high tides in yourlocation.
  • Environment Canada Tide Charts: See the timing of the next 7 days of low and high tides in yourlocation.
  • My Local Almanac: Get astronomical times calculated for your zip code and presented in the classic style of our Left-Hand Calendarpages.

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Be in-the-know about what’s going on with our collection of informative calendar tools—including the ever-popular BestDays!

  • All About Today: Learn about any particularly interesting events thathappened on today’s date and see which famous folks died or were born on thisdate.
  • Best Days Calendar: When is the best day this month to do… anything? Use our Best Days calendar to see the best days (according to the Moon) to quit smoking, wean children, plant aboveground crops, and many moreactivities!
  • Best Fishing Days: Fishing is said to be best between a new Moon and a full Moon. See the dates of the best fishing days this month! Don’t miss our collection of fishing tips, tricks, and tales,too.
  • Mercury Retrograde: When the planet Mercury is in retrograde motion, it’s said to cause all sorts of trouble for us here on Earth. Read more about Mercury retrograde and see when the planet will next be in retrogrademotion.


Ready to get your hands dirty? Gardening is our passion—and we want it to be yours, too! Here are all of our most helpful gardeningresources.

  • Frost Dates: See the estimated dates of the first fall frost and last spring frost in yourlocation.
  • Planting Dates Calendar: Find out when to plant what! Consult our Planting Calendar to see the optimal spring and fall planting dates for your location. Dates for 30+ common vegetables and herbs arelisted.
  • Gardening by the Moon: Gardeningby the Moon is a traditional way to plant crops, relying on the Moon’s phase to inform plantingdates.
  • Growing Guides: Looking to grow tomatoes, hydrangeas, basil, or another plant? Check out our extensivelibrary of 100+ Growing Guides for vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, houseplants, and more, where you’ll find everything you need to know to go from planting toharvest!
  • : Got pests? Consult our comprehensive pest and disease prevention guides to learn how to combat common problems like Japanese beetles, powdery mildew, andsilverfish.
  • Learn to Garden: Designed for those who are just getting started with gardening, this collection of guides will take you all the way from digging out a garden patch to harvesting your firsttomato!
  • Monthly Gardening Tasks: Find out whatyou should be doing in the garden thismonth!

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