Personal injuries can occur anytime and anywhere. They are often the result of someone else’s actions, whether it is intentional are a matter of them being negligent. If you have suffered a personal injury, could possibly be entitled to money. Our lawyers at Vehar Law will work hard to make sure you receive the personal injury compensation you deserve for your injury.

One of the most common personal injury claims made yearly our slip and fall injuries. These often happen in work situations, but can happen anywhere and at any time. Conditions such as instruction site defects, wet floors, and unlit stairwells can result in injuries that are serious and, occasionally, wrongful death. If you have been in a local business or property and have become the victim of a slip and fall accident, let Vehar Law represent you. We bring many years of experience with us and will fight to the end to get you what you deserve.

There are time limits set by the wall for you to pursue a claim for damages or injuries. Once that time limit has passed, you may be barred from ever filing a claim. At Vehar Law, our lawyers will work quickly without wasting time to help you effectively fight protect your claim and your family.