Getting a Police Report after an Accident

If you have been part of an accident where a law enforcement officer responded, such as a motor vehicle accident, it’s likely a police report was generated. If so, you are entitled to a copy of the report. To do so, it is best to get the copy shortly after the incident.

Many times, you will need to pay a small fee to get a copy of the report. My friend just had to do this who does tree service Huntersville and it took a ton of time to get them to print it out and give it to him. You may also be required to pick up the report in person, though some law enforcement agencies will mail you a copy for free.

Typically, a police report is inadmissible in proceedings in a civil court, but they can help negotiate leverage in a dispute involving a personal injury. These reports often give an advantage to a person when they are speaking with an insurance carrier or the opposing counsel in an informal settlement discussion. This report can also help provide information such as the circumstances surrounding the incident such as the weather conditions, specific location, date, and time of the incident. The police will also record their preliminary assessment of fault and if a driver was violating a state vehicle code or was simply careless.

A police report will often list witnesses to the incident. This is a great way to help find others that can collaborate a story when needed in court. Another witnesses point of view is often necessary to legitimize a claim in court. Generally, the police report will have the name and contact phone number of the witnesses, making it easy for you to contact them.

If you have trouble obtaining a police report after an accident, contact your lawyer at Vehar Law. We can help you get the information you need to file your claim and will stand by you as you work towards getting compensated for your injuries.

Collecting Physical Evidence for a Claim

When you are involved in an accident, it is important to collect evidence if you plan to file a claim. It is best to do this immediately after the incident because the scene could otherwise become altered, evidence misplaced over time, and memories often become unreliable. Evidence you may need is listed below.

What to Keep

Try to preserve any physical items you have, including important documents, broken equipment, and torn clothing. For instance, if you are in a car accident, you need to immediately try to take photos of the scene, property damage, and your personal injuries. Make copies of any medical records after the accident also, and repair records for property and the police report if one is made.

If your injury is caused by a faulty product, keep the item preserved in the condition it was when the accident happened. For medical malpractice, have copies of any medical records that relate to the medical treatments. Having a second opinion from a different health provider is also a good idea. A few attorneys I know who are immigration lawyers in Gwinnett, also take on cases like this on the side.

Photos are always an important part of preserving physical evidence. Most cell phones come with a camera, so use that is possible to photograph the area where the incident happened. Keep the photographs detailed and clear, and take them from many different angles.


Many times, once an incident is happen, it can be hard to take the time to do the above things. Remember, though, that taking these actions can be beneficial if you want to make a claim for your injuries.Once you have the evidence in hand, a personal injury lawyer can help you get started by analyzing the evidence you gathered and determining if you have a legitimate claim in the first place. We at Vehar Law are only a phone call away. Give us a call today for a free case evaluation.



What You Should do First When Injured

Many times, people face a time of stress and confusion just after being injured in a slip and fall for another accident. It is important, though, to first make sure your health is taking care of. After that, when you are ready, you should start looking into a personal injury claim to cover any injuries.

To prepare for a personal injury claim, there are several things you should do initially. As stated above, the first thing is to look after your health. Once that is done, there are several things for you to do to help you be able to file a claim and preserve your rights for your personal injuries. The steps below are in no civic order, but are necessary if you plan to file a claim. My friend who is the best plumber in Roswell, had to go through all of this a few years ago after an injury. So he knows all about it.

  • Collect evidence: this is often in the form of photographs. You want your evidence to show how the accident was caused and all the damage that the accident caused to you and your property.
  • Take notes: it is important to write down all that happened right after the accident. These notes can include time lost from work, hospital visits, medical bills, or any other expenses related to your accidents.
  • Get contact information: if there were witnesses to your accident, get their name and contact information. Take the time to contact these witnesses to confirm their information. If others were involved in the accident, speak with them and write down notes about your conversation including what they experienced.
  • File a suit: let anyone your filing a suit against for your injuries and property damage know ahead of time your intentions.

The steps above will help with your case once you have hired a lawyer to help you with your injury claim. We understand it can be hard to remember these steps when an accident happens, so keep our number on speed dial in contact us if you are involved in an accident, and we will remind you of the steps to take.

Medical Malpractice

Typically, when a medical malpractice cases being brought forth, it deals with a theory of negligence. In typical negligence case, damages must be proven that shows causation for breach of care. It is the responsibility of a care provider to provide reasonable acts that will prevent a foreseeable injury to others. The standard is used for medical malpractice, but the medical professional is the one performing the procedure in question. This post is brought to you by our friends at

Many believe there should be a standard of care and all medical malpractice cases, which would mean that a doctor working in a hospital within a major city would be held to a different standard than one working as a small-town doctor. Others argue that every doctor should be trained to meet a national standard. This would mean small family doctors would not be given a pass just for working in a small town.

In larger cities, cases of negligence that lead to medical malpractice case will typically include concepts of medical battery. The backbone of these cases is typically an issue with informed consent. Any time a medical procedure is required, you must give an informed consent. During the informed consent, you are told the risks and benefits of a medical procedure and given the decision as to whether to move for it or not. Informed consent is generally the main defense used in cases of medical battery.

To better understand what battery means, it is touching another in a harmful or offensive way without permission. For instance, if you are walking in the park and are punched in the face by someone, that is a form of battery. You did not give your consent to be touched that way. On the other hand, if you were in a boxing match, they would have your consent to punch you in the face. In this instance, he would be unable to file a claim.

If you feel you have been a victim of medical malpractice, contact us today. Our lawyers will go to bat for you to help solve your medical malpractice suit.